Kamagra Gel: KAMAGRA GOLD buy inexpensively with SuperPower2020


Kamagra Gel: KAMAGRA GOLD buy inexpensively with SuperPower2020

KAMAGRA GOLD buy cheap with delivery “SuperSila2020”

Buying Kamagra Gold from us you will receive an original and high-quality drug that will solve your problems in intimate intimacy. Order the drug in one click, cheap and high quality.

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Kamagra Gold (Kamagra Gold). Key Features:

· Improved version of Kamagra 100

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· Active ingredient – sildenafil citrate;

· Reception in 40-50 minutes;

· Duration of 3-4 hours;

· Should not be combined with alcohol;

· Rich and fatty foods have a negative effect on the effect.

Kamagra Gold is an even more improved version of the drug Kamagra, which in turn is a complete copy of Viagra. Sometimes it is called super kamagra. In Kamagra Gold, compared with Kamagra, the risk of side effects is further reduced (although they are very rare when taking the usual one).

Kamagra Gel: KAMAGRA GOLD buy inexpensively with SuperPower2020

If sildenafil citrate was manufactured by Pfizer by the brand Viagra, then the same active ingredient in the products of the Indian company Ajanta Pharma Ltd is called Kamagra. One tablet of Kamagra Gold contains 100 mg of sildenafil citrate.

If you need a faster effect from taking the drug, then we recommend you other products of the same manufacturer – Kamagra Soluble in the form of tablets, soluble in water.

Perhaps drinking alcohol or you have a stomach ulcer? Togla better take Kamagra Jelly in the form of a gel with a fruity flavor. Like super Kamagra, you can buy it in our pharmacy.

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How to achieve the best results from the reception:

▪ Adjust yourself to a positive wave in front of intimacy. Kamagra Gold will only work when you are naturally excited. Remember, it will help your body, but not the brain, you should wish for your partner, mutual stimulation will be useful;

▪ Do not eat excessively fatty foods and alcohol, they can significantly reduce the time of absorption of super kamagra, and, therefore, the onset of the drug. And best of all, do not eat about 2 hours before the expected proximity. Even better, if you purchase Viagra Soft, it is designed for absorption under the tongue, you will be much less dependent on the ingestion of food and alcohol and the onset of the action of the drug will be reduced (instead of 60-80 minutes to 15-20 minutes);

▪ For most men, Kamagra Gold acts from the first or second time, so do not be discouraged if you did not succeed, try again. Moreover, super kamagra buy very simple. If you still do not feel the results, then consult a doctor, he will be able to correct the dose correctly.


You should refrain from taking and consult with your doctor if you have the following diseases:

o presence of intolerance to the main component – sildenafil;

Kamagra Gel: KAMAGRA GOLD buy inexpensively with SuperPower2020

o retinitis pigmentosa;

o gastric ulcer;

o problems with blood clotting.

Older men should take the minimum dose of the drug, equal to 25 mg. The strictest ban on taking the drug applies to children. As with any other drug, keep the drug out of the reach of children.

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Interaction with other drugs

In most cases, you can take it with other medicines, but you should avoid taking it if you are already taking such medications as:

▪ drugs containing nitrates (for example, Nitroglycerin);

▪ alpha blockers;

other drugs containing sildenafil citrate;

▪ recreational drugs (Poppers);

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Kamagra Gel: KAMAGRA GOLD buy inexpensively with SuperPower2020

▪ drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

If you are taking such drugs or are not sure whether these substances are contained in the medications taken, then you should consult with your doctor about the possibility of taking Kamagra Gold or using it in small doses.


After consulting a doctor, he will prescribe you the necessary dosage of the drug. Usually it is 50mg, taking Kamagra Gold should be 1 hour before the intended sexual intercourse, but not more than 1 tablet per day. It should be remembered that Kamagra Gold does not belong to aphrodisiacs, its action will begin an hour after admission. It is not advisable to abuse alcohol. If you want to increase the dose, let your doctor know about it. As with any drug, before you buy super Kamagra, you should consult with your doctor.

Side effects

Very rare side effects can be:

◦ headache;

◦ rush of blood to the head;

◦ dizziness;

◦ nausea;

◦ dyspeptic disorders.

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