Kamagra Review: Kamagra 100 – instruction, composition, analogues


Kamagra Review: Kamagra 100 - instruction, composition, analogues Tabletki.ua

Kamagra 100 – manual, composition, analogues | Tabletki.ua

Kamagra 100 – complete information on the drug: official instructions, a list of analogues. Indications for use, method of use, side effects, contraindications, pregnancy

dyucha rechovina: sildenafil;

1 tablet of sildenafil citrate in pererahuvannі per sildenafil 50 mg or 100 mg;

dopomіzhnі rechovini: cellulose microcrystalline, magnetu stearate, natriyu krokhmalglіkolyat (type A), pov_don, talc, gipromeloza, pokrittyya Instacoat Sol IC-S-3788 (green) *, titanium dioxide (E) (E), (I), (I) (E), (Coppergrass, Instacoat Sol IC-S-3788 (green) *, titanium dioxide, E)

* Instacoat Sol IC-S-3788 (green): talc, hydromelose, polyethylene glycol, titanium dioxide

(E 171), chinolian zhovty (E 104), diamantyniy blue (E 133).

Likarska formTabletki, in bulk obolonkoy.

Fundamentals of the power industry:

diamond tablets, near kamagra oral jelly cvs sheathing, green colore, embossed “ap” from one side and “KGR 50” – from the back;

rhombic tablets, with obolonoku, green colore, with “ar” embossed on one side of the “KGR 100” – from the inside.

Pharmacotherapeutic group Zasobi, just staying with erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil ATC code G04B E03.

Pharmacological authorities of pharmacodynamic.

Sildenafil is a preparation for oral zastosovannya, prigazenim for lіkuvannya rektilno ї dysfuntsії. In case of a state-of-the-art drug, depending on the level of erectile dysfunction, it is controlled by blood flow to the penis.

Physiological mecha- nism, which is unique, including nitrogen oxides (NO) in cavernous rocks in the cavernous wake. Vivіlneny nitrogen oxide aktivuє enzyme guanіlattsiklazu scho stimulyuє pіdvischennya rіvnya tsiklіchnogo guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) scho, at its Cherga, sprichinyaє rozslablennya gladenkoї musculature of cavernous til, spriyayuchi inflow krovі.

Sildenafil уж by the ta and selective іngіbіtorom cGMP-specific фосф phosphod_esterazi

5 (FDE5) in cavernous tilas, de FDE5 perov_daє for cGMP rozpad. Efecti sildenafilu on erektsiyu be peripheral in nature. Sildenafil is not a cause without a second relaxation day on the cauliflower cavernosum of people, and I feel no need to relax the fabric of NO. With the active metabolism of NO / cGMP, to join the state of stimulation, sildenafil FDE5, with stimuli, stimulate cGMP in cavernous tilas. Thus, in order for sildenafil to be necessary pharmacological effect, it is necessary to wake up.

An in vitro report showed selectivity to Sildenafil on FDE5, because the active part of the erection process is active. The effect of sildenafil on FDE5 is weaker, and the effect is on іnshі vіdomі phosphodіesterazi. The effect is at 10 times more difficult, the effect is at FDE6, because it is a part of the process of photo-making at photocopy. When zastosuvannі maximum recommended doses of selectivity to sildenafil to FDE5, 80 times peristically selective selectivity to FDE1,

700 raziv vishchi, nіzh to FDE2, FDEZ, FDE4, FDE7, FDE8, FDE9, FDE10 and FDE11. Zokrem, selectivity of sildenafil up to FDE5 at 4000 razіv peredivit yogogo selektivnіst up to FDEZ – cGMP-specific іzoforii phosphod_esterazi, scandia parotu in the regulation of sertomnoe speedy.


Absorption. Sildenafil quickly absorbed. The maximum plasma concentration of the drug is achieved by a strain of 30-120 minutes (from a median of 60 minutes) after the first oral administration. The middle is absolute bioavailability of the oral dose at 41% (range from 25% to 63%). At the recommended dose range (25–100 mg), the concentration-per-hour curve (AUC) shows the maximum concentration (Cmax) of sildenafil per hour of oral peroral concentration at a proportion of dosage.

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When zasosuvannі sildenafilu pіd hour, I take іжі step of absorption to decrease from middle podmozhennyam Tmax up to 60 khvilin і middle middle of lowered Cmax on 29%.

Rospodil The middle revival of both rosopodlis (Vd) is 105 liters, and you can tell about the dosage of the drug in organisms in tissues and tissues. In case of a single oral dose, the administration of sildenafil in a dose of 100 mg of the mean is the maximum zagal plasma concentration of sildenafil to be approximately 440 ng / ml (40% nfcc). Oskіlki zyazuvannya sildenafilu yogo head N-desmethyl-metabolite with plasma plasm reach дос 96%, the average maximum plasma concentration of silіnafile reach 18 ng / ml (38 nmol kamagra 100 mg). Stupin sv’yazuvannya with bilkami plasma blood not to lie outside of the main concentration sildenafilu.

In healthy volunteers, yaki zastosovuvali sildenafil one time at a dose of 100 mg, after 90 hours in the ejaculate was determined to be less than 0.0002% (in the middle 188 ng) ad stagnated doz.

Biotransformatsiya. Metabolism of sildenafile is associated with a headache for the participation of microsomal isofermentists of CYP3A4 (head) and CYP2C9 (head).

Head circulatory metabolism is established by the gate N-demetilyuvannya sildenafilu.

The selective metabolism of FDE5 is related to selectivity of sildenafil, and the activity of the metabolism of FDE5 is approximately 50% of the activity of each person. Plasma concentrations of the metabolite become approximately 40% of the concentration of sildenafil in plasma of blood. N-demethylation of the metabolism of the subordinate metabolism, and the period of your kamagra kaufen, become approximately 4 years old.

Elimina. Zalniy klyrens sildenafilu 41 l / year, zumovlyuyuchi per iod yogo napivivivedennya trivalіstyu 3-5 years. Yak pіslya oral, so і pіslya vnutrіshnёvennogo zaosuvannya екkrekіya sildenafіlu in viglyadі mebіnіtіv to look like a golovny ı ız feces (approximately 80% of the orally administered dosage), and I will get a class I-you will need a $ 100, and I will get an order set.

Patsі вnti lіtnogo vіku. In the health of the In connection with similar attitudes in those associated with plasma, blood plasma concentrations of approximately 40% of the plasma concentration was sildenafil.

Nirkova lack of. In volunteers, in the form of pirushennye functions, nirok of the lung and the level of severity (klerens creatine from 30 to 80 ml / xb), the pharmacokinetics of sildenafil was filled with an unremarkable one-time single oral administration of dose 50. The average AUC and Cmax of the N-demethylated metabolite were 126% and 73% of the total corrected with such indicators in the volunteers of this kind, without any disruption. However, through the temporal index of internal variability of the conflict is not statistically significant. In volunteers, with grave trails of funktion, nirok (klyrens kreatinіn zynepe jr, 30 ml / hv), klіrens sildenafilu znizhuvsya, sco produced up to mid-term AUC and Cmax by 100% and 88% of the same time, you need to apply, and you need to apply it, and it will take 100% and 88% of your maximal Cmax to Cmax. In addition, the value of AUC and Cmax of the N-demethylated metabolite was 79% and 200% increased.

Pechіnkova lack of. In volunteers with cirrhosis of the lungs of the lungs and of the pillar of the stage of pain (class of appendices of function pechinki. Pharmacokinetics of sildenafilu in patients with pushenennyi functions of the grave stage did not vivchalas.

Demonstration of the drug recommended zasosovuvati cholovіkam the kamagra store.com from recurrent dysfunction, as the yak is appointed as an uncompleted do abyss abo rttrimati erektsіyu member of the term, it is necessary for a successful state act.

For effective drug treatment is more sexually awake.



One hour

Stany, when yaky not recommended sexually active (for example, severe sertsevo-sudnni rozladi, takі yak nestabіlna stenocardіya abo sertseva lack of a serious step).

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Vtora zoru one eye of the non-arterial front of іshchemno neuropathy of the zorovoy nerve independently, in addition, due to this pathology із інёнім зостосуванням інгібіторів ФДЕ5 чи і.

Kamagra Review: Kamagra 100 - instruction, composition, analogues Tabletki.ua

Happen to maє genetic rozladi phosphodіesteraz sіtkіvki), because of the lack of security sildenafilu did not reach in such group groups paцєєntіv.

Relationships with the best lіkarskim zobobami that іnshі vidi vzakєmodіyEfekti іshihih lіkarskih zobob_v on sildenafil.

In vitro doslіdzhenya.

Metabolism sildenafilu vіdbuvatsya boldly with the participation іzoformi ZA4 (head) and іzoformy 2S9 (another row) cytochrome P450 (CYP). Tom іngіbіtori tsikh іzofermentіv zdatnі znizhuvati klirens sildenafіlu, and іnduktori tsikh іzofermentіv can go pіdvischuvati klirens sildenafіlu.

DosLinG in vivo.

The popular pharmacological analysis of the Danish clinical studies has been demonstrated by lowering the clinical care of Sildenafil during the one hour session at a time of CYP3A4 (such as yak ketoconazole, erythromin, cytide, CYP3A4 (such as yak ketoconazole, erythromycin, cytidomain CYP3A4 (such as yak ketoconazole, erythromycin, cytidoma CYP3A4) I want at one hour zasosuvannі sildenafilu і іngіbіtorіv CYP3A4 for the frequency of secondary infections did not take place, recommended that the dose of sildenafilu set to 25 mg.

One hour, I was able to do business with a ри проте проте ри у у у у у у у у у у; 1000% sildenafil (11 times). After 24 years, plasma levels of sildenafil were all around 200 ng / ml, almost 5 ng / ml, typical of sildenafil ocremo, depending on the wide range of substrates, for a wide range of substrate structures. Sildenafil does not affect the pharmacokinetics of ritonavіru. Looking at the pharmacological results of a single hour, sildenafil is not recommended for ritonavir; If the dose of sildenafil is maximal, it is not guilty for living obvilin perevischuvati 25 mg prodazhom 48 years.

Overnight by 210%. Not affected by sildenafil injection on pharmacology of saquinavir.

Transition, scoop bіlsh potuzhnіshі іngііііторі CYP3A4, takі yak ketoconazole and іtrakonazol, will be mothers of viasions in vliv.

When zasosuvannі order kamagra sildenafilu (100 mg one-time) and eritromіtsinu, pomіrnogo іngіbіtoryu CYP3A4, in rіvnovannuyu stanі (500 mg 2 times for the last 5 days), you can get more systematic campaigns for 5 days, systematic campaigning for 5 days, systematic campaigning for 5 days, systematic campaigning for 5 days, systematic campaigning for 5 days, systematic campaigning for 5 days, systematic campaigning for 5 days ’ In healthy volunteers of the Cholovik Stats, they did not test azithromicin (500 mg per day with 3 dib) for AUC, Сmax, Tmax, constant shvidkostі elіmіnatsіі that underwent a period of time and a few years ago, and a set of sildenafilos, and a year and a year and a year ago. Zimetidin (іngіbіtor cytochrome P450 and nonspecific іngіbіtor CYP3A4) at a dose of 800 mg for one hour at a 50-hour dose of 50 mg in healthy volunteers, by reducing to 100 pp in a single dose of the plasma concentration, in a single volunteer, at a concentration of 50% in a healthy volunteer, by applying to the flow rate of 20% in a healthy volunteer, by applying to the flow rate of the concentration of 50% in a healthy volunteer, by applying to the flow rate of the current concentration of the target, it is up to 100% in a healthy volunteer, causing the heart rate to be at 100% in a volatile concentration of 50 mg.

Grapefruit juice є weak CYP3A4 іngібітор in intestinal intestine and can cause more sebum sildenafil in plasma blood.

One-time zasosuvannya antacid casts (magnus gіdroksidu / alumіnіy gіdroksidu) not vplivaє on the bioavailability of sildenafilu.

Hoch doslіdzhen spetsifіchnoї vzaєmodії of usіma lіkarskimi zasobami not take place danimi populyatsіynogo farmakokіnetichnogo analіzu, farmakokіnetika sildenafіlu not zmіnyuvalasya at Yogo odnochasnomu zastosuvannі of lіkarskimi zasobami scho nalezhat to groupies іngіbіtorіv CYP2C9 (tolbutamіd, warfarin, fenіtoїn), groups іngіbіtorіv CYP2D6 (such yak selektivnі іngіbіtori zvorotnogo zahoplennya serotonіnu, tricyclic antidepressant), groups of tiazidnyh tіazidopodіbnyh diuretik_v, looped that kalіzberіgayuchyh diuretikіv, іngіbіtorіv angіotenzeni peretvoryuvalnogo enzyme antagonіstіv kaltsіyu, antagonіstіv β-adrenoretseptorіv abo іnduktorіv metabolіzmu CYP450 (such rifampіtsin yak, barbіturati).

At the end of the day, you can go to the local area to get to the area and you will be able to to reduce the AUC and Cmax to sildenafil by 62.6% and to 55.4% per second. One-time zasosuvannya such potent індукторів CYP3A4, yak rifampіn, you can produce up to a larger turn of the reduced concentration of sildenafilu in the plasma of blood.

Nikorandil is a hybrid of the activator of calcium channels and nitrate. The smallest component of the zooming mobility of your serious interaction is sildenafil.

Efekti sildenafilu on іnshі lіkarskiі zobobi.

In vitro doslіdzhenya.

Sildenafil is a weak Іngііbіtor іzoform 1A2, 2C9, 2C19, 2D6, 2E1 and ZA4 (IK50> 150 µmol) to cytochrome P450. Oskіlki pіkovі plasma concentrations of sildenafil are approximately 1 micromolar, injecting the drug on the class of substrates of cyzozofermenti maloimovirny.

Sustained data given to each other by sildenafilu such nonspecific youngsters of phosphodisterazi yak theofil kamagra 100 chewable tablet that dipimidamol.

DosLinG in vivo.

Oskіlki vіdomo, sildenaf_l makpl on the metabolism of nitrogen oxides / cyclites, guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), has been installed, with the drug potentsiyu gnpotenzivnu dіy nіtratyv, that one hour zh.

Can Kamagra Jelly Topical on Penis? – Canadian Pharmacy Blog

Overnight, zasosuvannya sildenafilu that blocker α-adrenoceptors can lead to the development of a symptomatic arterial hypotension in children who are up to the last patient. Such a reaction was accomplished through a 4-year-old period after zilosuvannya sildenafilu. At the time of the visit of the In tsikh populiytsіy sposterіgalosya middle dodatkove cut down the arterial impulse of the prone lying 7/7 mm. Hg, 9/5 mm. Hg that 8/4 mm. Hg the middle of the arterial clamping vice is 6/6 mm. Hg, 11/4 mm. Hg, 4/5 mm. Hg відповідно. With a one-hour zasosuvannі sildenafilu and doxazosin patients, the stability of the camp of the bulls dyushnuyas with zastosuvannі doxazosin, іnoі povіdomlyalosya about rozvitok symptomatic orthostatic and hypotension. In tsikh pov_domlennyakh ishlosa about vipad zapamorochennya the camp in front of nepatomnistu, ale without syncope.

Do not ask for meaningful interactions at one hour of sildenafil (50 mg) and tolbutamidu (250 mg) or warfarin (40 mg), CYP2C9 is metabolized.

Sildenafil (50 mg) did not cause a bleeding up to a dozen hours of hemorrhage due to acetylsalicylic acid (150 mg).

Sildenafil (50 mg) is not potentiated by hypotensive alcohol for healthy volunteers at mid-maximal levels of ethanol blood 80 mg / dl.

In patsієntіv, SSMSC zastosovuvali sildenafil without sposterіgalosya zhodnih vіdmіnnostey profіlyu pobіchnih buy kamagra uk paypal efektіv porіvnyano of placebo odnochasnomu zastosuvannі such klasіv gіpotenzivnih lіkarskih zasobіv yak dіuretiki, beta-adrenoretseptorіv, іngіbіtori ACE antagonіsti angіotenzinu II, antigіpertenzivnі lіkarskі zasobi (sudinorozshiryuvalnі that central dy i), blocker of adrenergic neurons, blocker of calcium channels and blocker alpha-adrenoceptor. In special dosdzhennі vzagmodії with one-hour zasosuvannі sildenafilu (100 mg) and amlodipinu patsіntam with arterial hypertension, which is reduced to the systole of the arterioral junction of the displaced articulum of the adverbial gigantic dossier of the systole aristocratic imprint of the systole of the arteries of the arteries, and Hg

Vіdpovіdne znizhennya d_astol_chnogo arterialnogo a vice became 7 mm. Hg For the sake of greatness of the lowering of the arterial implantation of the bulge, they were sick, so that they spostered up when they found sildenafilu healthy volunteers.

Sildenafil in a dose of 100 mg without having absorbed the pharmacokinetic indications of the implantable HIV protease, saccharide and ritonaviru, scho є with CYP3A4 substrates.

In healthy volunteers in the field of statistics, sildenafil is prescribed in a vaccine stanna (80 mg

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3 times for dob приз) produced up to pUC AUC and Cmax bosentanu (125 mg 2 times for dobu) by 49.8%, 42% v_dovіdno.

Peculiarities of sticking up to the cob of therapies from the patient’s medical kamagra shop history of the patient and to conduct a physical examination for diagnosing erectile dysfunction and other causes.

Factor riziku sertsevo sudnih zahvoryuvan. Oskilka of the state of activity is superconnected by singing rizik from the side of the heart, to the ear of the moment, if it is a recurring dysfunction of the sertis sudino system of the patient. Sildenafil mend the ship with a well-shaped extension, showing a slight and short-lasting arterial gripe. Prior to assigning sildenafilu likar to the materiel, wish that such an effect may cause disagreement to the patients from the mainstream, especially at the same time as the active activist. Prior patsієntіv іz pіdvischenoyu chutlivіstyu to vazodilatatorіv nalezhat patsієnti of obstruktsієyu vivіdnogo path lіvogo shlunochka (napriklad aortic stenosis, obstructive gіpertrofіchna kardіomіopatіya) abo patsієnti s syndrome rіdkіsnim multisistemnoї atrofії one іz proyavіv yakoї Je Grave torn down regulyatsії arterіalnogo vise vegetativnoї nervovoї side of the system.

Sildenafil potentsiyu gipotenzivny effect nitrativ.

Povіdomlyalosya about tyazhkі pobіchnі reaktsії of side-Sertsevy sudinnoї system vklyuchayuchi іnfarkt mіokarda, nestabіlnu stenokardіyu, raptovu zupinku sericite, shlunochkovu aritmіyu, tserebrovaskulyarnі krovovilivi transiently іshemіchnu attack arterіalnu gіpertenzіyu that arterіalnu gіpotenzіyu scho per hour zbіgalisya іz zastosuvannyam sildenafіlu. Bolshost patsіnntіv, ale not in usih, interpreted the factor of the riziku sertsevo sudnikh zahvoruvan. Bagato of such reactionary reactions with the help of the first half of the hour after one hour after the act of act, and losing the weight of the trap of the nevdovzi after the stasis of the drug without sexually active. It is impossible for him to think of any such rotations of such secondary reactions without any factors of rizik, of their rozvilok zumovleniya by our officials.

Prіapіzm. Zasobi for lіkuvannya erektilnoї disfunktsії, in addition chislі i sildenafil, slіd priznachati of oberezhnіstyu patsієntam of anatomіchnimi deformatsіyami penіsa (such yak angulyatsіya, cavernous fіbroz abo hvoroba Peyronі) abo patsієntam Zi mills scho spriyayut rozvitku prіapіzmu (such yak sickle klіtinna anemіya, mnozhinna my_loma abo leukemia).

He told about the ideas of the podvzhenoy erektsі ta pіapіzmu. Yakscho erektsіya trivaє bіlsh nіzh 4 years, patsіntam slіd nehayno zvernutiasya for meadnyy help. For vidsutnostі Negay lіkuvannya prіapіzm you can lead to the price of the fabric of the penis that to the styling of the potential.

Immediately zasosuvannya with the ısimi іngііbіtorami FDE5 abo іnyshimi drugs for lіkuvannya erektilno ї dysfuntsії. Be sure to have one hour; That zasosuvannya such combinatsіy not recommended.

Kamagra Review: Kamagra 100 - instruction, composition, analogues Tabletki.ua

I went about rozladi zoru vypadki nearterіalno ї anterior іshchechno ї neuropathy of the zorovogo nerve, connected to the zyzosuvannyam sildenafilu that інlih іngіbіtorіv FDE5. Pacion transform, just in front of a raptor podruzhennya zoru zastosovuvannya drug slіd pripiniti that negajno zvernuitsya to lіkarya.

An hour zasosuvannya ritonavіrom. Overnight zasosuvannya sildenafilu ritonavіru not recommended.

Immediately zasosuvannya with α-adrenoceptor blockers. Patsіntam, yaki zasosovuyu blocker α-adrenoretseptorіv, zastosovuvati sildenafіl slіd from oberezhny_styu, because of such combination can lead to symptomatic arterial hypotension in children who have fallen to this world. Symptomatic hypothesia zachinchay Vinik є prodazhom 4 years pіslya zaososuvannya sildenafilu. With the help of minimization of a potential development of posturally hypotension in patients, they must block the blocker α-adrenoreceptor, ian the camp should be stabilized for an additional blocker α-adrenoreceptor, and you will be there; Takhozh slіd rozglyanuti mozhlіst zastosovannya pochatkovo ї dosy 25 mg. In addition, after the process of the formation of respiratory diseases, as a result of symptoms, symptoms of orthostatic hypotension.

Bleeding on bleeding. People demonstrated thrombocytes that demonstrated in vitro sildenafil potentsiyu antiagregatsіy efekti natrіy nіtroprucidu. There is no need for information about the safety of the carriage of sildenafil pacientam pushenenny zgortannya blood abo peptico virazoyu. Thus, zasosuuvannya sildenafilu patsіntam of this group of people can be found more than once in a hive, which is spnivvodnoshennya koristі ta rizikіv.

When administered with a dosage of 100 mg, healthy volunteers did not test the morphology or the spermatozoa.

Vtrata hearing. Lіkarіmi slіd please papіnіntam pinned zasosuvannya іngіbіtorіv FDE5, including the drug Kamagra, that is wrong for the medical help in ratting lowers for rubbed hearing. About the tsi of yavischa, yakі tako mozhut suprovodzhuvatsya dzvonu vuhah that zamomorchennyam, povomdomlyasya asocociauyu chasi іz zastosuvannyam іngіbіtorіv FDE5, including the drug Kamagra. Viznachiti, chi tsi vyavischa directly povayazan іz zastosovannyam іngіbіtorіv FDE5 chi with the worst factors is unwelcome.

Hourly zasosuvannya іz gpotenzivnie kamagra jelly usa drugs. The drug should be repaired systematically by sudorinozshiryuvalnu dіyu mozhe in the future znizhuvat arterialnaya vych patsіnntіv, zakosovuyut gіpotenzivnі lіkarskі sobobi. At the same time, dosage of amlodipine (5 mg, abo 10 mg) and sildenafil (100 mg) was orally taken through the middle of the pre-systole imprint at 8 mm Hg. Art. that diastolic – 7 mm Hg. Art.

Damned, they are transmitted by the nobles. Zamazuuvannya drug Kamagra not takhidє vіd zahvoruvan, just passed statetev the way. Slag rozglyanuti mozhlіst pro_nstruktuvati patsіnntіv schodogo nezhnichnyh zapopіzhnyh ploshb_v for the secret of vіd zapvoryuvan, uchto transmitted by the state union, including vіru imunodefіtsitu people.

Zastosuvannya at the perіod vagіtnostі abo yearvannya breast.

The drug is not important for zasosuvannya zhіnkam.

Zdatnіst vplivat on the reaction of the shvidkіst ії when Keruvannі by road or by our mechanisms.

Doslіdzhen vplivu drug on a cervati zdnnist road transport or ınshimi mechanisms were not held.

Oskilka at the back of the door

Sposіb zasosuvannya doziPreparat zasosovuyu orally. For its effectiveness, the drug should be awake.


The recommended dose of the drug is to set 50 mg and get stuck at different doses approximately 1 year before the state act. With the depth of effectiveness and tolerance to the preparation, the dose can be determined to 100 mg and reduced to 25 mg. The maximum recommended dose is 100 mg.

The frequency of zasosuvannya maximally рекоменд recommended dose of the drug to become 1 time for doba. When zastosuvannі sildenafilu pіd hour to take igiu dіya drug can be instructed more, nіzh when yogo zasosuvannі natche.

Patsі вnti lіtnogo vіku.

Necessity of Corektsi dozi patsієntam lіtnogo vіku (≥ 65 rokіv) v_dsutnya.

Patsієnti іz nirkovuyu nedinovystyu.

Patsiіntam іz nirkovuyu lack of light and the pomirnuyu step of heavyness (klyrens kreatinіnu v_d 30 to 80 ml / hv) recommended dose to the drug є analogous dose, induced by vodis in the distribution “Dorosli”.

Oskilka patsіnntіv іz nirkovoy nedkovoy nedkovoyu nystyu grave step (klirens kreatinіnu lower than 30 ml / hv) kliren sildenafilu drops, the dose of the drug is recommended to become 25 mg.

Depthlessly effective and tolerable to the drug, if necessary, the dose can be obtained up to 50 mg and 100 mg.

Patsієnti іz pechіnkovoyu negninistyu.

Oskilka patsіnntіv іz pechіnkovu ustnitistu (napriklad tsirozom) klіrens sildenafilu decrease, the recommended dose of the drug kamagra bestellen set 25 mg. Depthlessly effective and tolerable to the drug, if necessary, the dose can be obtained up to 50 mg and 100 mg.

Patsіnti, yaki zasosovuyut іnshі lіkarskiі zobobi. One of the most beautiful girls in the world.

With the help of a young development of posturally hypotension in patients, who are blocked by α-adrenoreceptors, their camp must be stabilized for additional blocker

α-adrenoceptor up to the cob zastosovuvannya sildenafilu. Takhozh slіd rozglyanuti mozhlіst zastosovannya pochatkovo ї dosy 25 mg.

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The drug is not indications for zasosuvannya dіtyam vіkom up to 18 rokіv.

Overdosing An hour of infusion of dosage to sildenafil up to 800 mg after a reaction was followed by a low dose, just as sildenafil at lower doses, even partly in buli bіlschim. Zastosovuvannya sildenafilu at a dose of 200 mg did not produce a potent effect, which caused the development of vipadkiv development of secondary reactions (headache, priplivіv zapamorochenen, dyspepsiprophy, anchored antspeed)

In case of overdosing, if necessary, go to the main parameters of a trip. Prikorennya clearsu sildenafilu with hemodialisation maloimovіrne vnaslіdok vysokogo steps in the connection with the drug with bilkami plasmir blood and insecurity of sildenafilu іz section.

Pobіchnі reaktsіїNaychastіshe povіdomlyalosya about takі pobіchnі reaktsії, yak bіl headache, flushing krovі, dispepsіya, zakladenіst nose bіl in spinі, zapamorochennya, nudota, tidal heat, torn down Zora, Zora tsіanopsіya that zatmarennya.

Infektsi і інвазії: рініт.

From the side of the immune system: reactive hypersensitivity, including anaphylactic shock, anxiety disorder, increased temperature and temperature.

From the side of the nerve into dysphasia, sudomi, recurrence by the court, syncope.

From the side of the house , yaskravist zoru, conjunctivitis, non-arterial anterior ischemic neuropathy of the zorovoy nerve, occlusion of the vessels of sytkivka, retinal blood flow, arteriosclerosis retinopathia, torn from the side of sytkivka, glaus, retinopathy, retinopathia, torn from the side of sytkivka, glaus, retinus retinopathy, torn from the side of sytkivka, glaucemia and zora, mnopo eyes, anomalous visibility in the eyes, a little povik, noble scleri.

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From the side of the organ of hearing: vertigo, dzvіn vuhah, deafness.

ZA-side Sertsevy sudinnoї system: priplivi, arterіalna gіpertenzіya, arterіalna / postural gіpotenzіya, vіdchuttya sertsebittya, tahіkardіya, іshemіya mіokarda / іnfarkt mіokarda, fіbrilyatsіya peredserd, atrіoventrikulyarna blockade shlunochkova aritmіya, stenokardіya / nestabіlna stenokardіya, raptova zupinka sericite, Sertsevy nedostatnіst.

From the side of the system dichalno: nasal congestion, nasal hemorrhage, laryngitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, productive cough, nasal sinus attachment, viscera stenosis at the throat, there is a nasal mucus in the nasal sinus, viscera stenosis at the throat, there is a nasal mucus in the nasal sinuses;

From the side of the tract, dyspeptic empty

From the side of the shkіri: visipannya, kropiv’yanka, dermatitis, exclamatory epidermal necrolysis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis.

From the side of the cysts-system: arthritis, arthrosis, myalgіya, rozriv tendon, tenosinovіїti, sinovіїti, bіl u kistkah, bіl u kіntsіvkah, mіstenіya.

From the side of the blood system: anemia, leukopenia.

Metabolite Porushennya: Porushennya Obmіnu Vuglevodiv, g_perglіkemіya, gіpoglіkemіya, gіperurkemіya.

From the side of the reproductive system: prіapіzm, erection, hemorrhage of the stationary member, primism, hematospermia.

From the side of the sechovidno ї system: інфекція sechivivіdnih shlyah; cystitis, nіkturіya, often sechovipuskannya, zatrimka sechі, hematuria.

Zagalnі rozladi: bіl in the breasts, pіdvishchena vtomlyuvanіst, asthenіya, v_dchuttya heat, imitation.

Laboratory demonstrations: frequency of heart rate is measured, electrocardiogram is broken.

Nizhchezaznachenі best place to buy kamagra online signage sposterіgalsya have paitsіnntіv from hodі doslіdzhen; causes of communication are not attributed to. Evening included manifestations, just as it was, and ігідний з’язок from zasosuvannyam sildenafilu. Appearances that have not been diagnosed, have been bugged by the lungs, and have seen boules with inaccurate shots of value.

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Zagornі porushennya: Nabryak disguised, reactive photosensitivity, shock, asthenia, bіl, raptov padіnnya, bіl u zhіniі, raptove poskodzhennya.

From the side of the sacral sudno system.

From the side of the herbal tract: glossitis, colitis, dysphagia, gastritis, gastroenteritis, esophagitis, stomatitis, ruptured results of liver tests, rectal hemorrhage, gіngіvіt.

From the side of the blood system: anemia, leukopenia.

From the side of the metabolism: spraga, labrum, gout, unstable dyabet, hyperglycemia, peripheral epithelium, hyperuricemia, hypoglycemic, hypernatricial.

From the side of the cysts-system: arthritis, arthrosis, rozril tendon, tenosinov, bіl u kistkah, myasthenia, sinovіt.

From the side of the nervous system: ataxia, neuralgia, neuropathy, paresthesia, tremor, vertigo, depression, sleeplessness, abnormal dreams, decreased reflexiveness.

From the side of the system dykhalno: asthma, dyspnea, laryngitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, seemed slynovidіlennya kamagra soft, posilennya cough.

From the side of the curvature: cropiv’yanka, herpes, sverbіzh, pіtliv_st, virazki shkіri, contact dermatitis, eksfoliativny dermatitis.

Specifics: raptor snuffing cheat for hearing, wilting, bleeding from the eye, cataract, dry eyes.

From the side of the urogenital system: cystitis, niktury, the frequency of sechipuskan, the number of milk-producing diseases, the lack of severity, the damage of the body, the anorgasmia.

Sertsevo-sudnnі ta cerebrovascular diseases. Pov_domlyalos about serous serous sudnnі, cerebrovascular and lingual teashoes, including cerebrovascular hemorrhage, subarakhnoidalnuyu vnutrіshnyocerebralnuyu bleeding legnevu bleeding, as a result of the same pattern, you couldn’t feel like a hemorrhage, bleeding, bleeding Bolshie patsіnntіv, ale is not all, Mali іsnuychі factori sertsevo-sudinnogo riziku. Povomdomlyosya, scho bagato z tsikhh izvishch vinikli pіd hour abo v_draz pіslya sexually ї activism, that decіlka іvisch vinikli v_drazu pіd hour zastosovannnya sildenafіlu without sexually ї activity. Іnshі yavischa vinikli prodolzhom advnyh godin chi dіv pіslya zasosuvannya salednafіlu that sexually active. Uninvolvedly install, tell tsi manifestations of direct links to the drug, from a sexual activist, from apparent factors to rizik or from the combination of factors, from the most important factors.

Blood-borne and lymphatic system: vazoozlyuzivny crisis. At the end of the day, you will be taken to your place. The key to the value of information for parents, is determined to be sildenafil with the help of a lycopene erectile dysfunction, nevidomime.

Nervous system: trivozhnist, transient global amnesia.

Specific Features.

Hearing. He told about the rapture snippets, or rubbed his ears, at the same time, at the hardening of sildenafil. In women’s games, they were able to identify medical centers and other factors, so they could play a role in the development of secondary reactions of kamagra gold reviews to their ears. In bagatokh vipadka іnformatsіya schoda subordinate to the mediocre spiedness vidsutnya. Viznachiti, chi tsi vyavischa directly povayazan іz zastoosuvannyam sildenafilu, with obvious factors risking vtrati hearing, with the combination of factors and factors and unshakable.

ZIR. Timchasova vtrata zoru, pochveronіnnya ochey, pechіya in sight, pіdvishchennya vіrnіshnooochnoy vise, a typing cіtkіvki, sudnі zakhvoryuvannya sytkіvki chi bleeda, vіdsharuvannya sklopodіbnogo tіla.

Ridko povіdomlyalosya about the wrinkles of non-arterial anterior ischemic neuropathies of the zorovogo nerve, so є the reason for the decrease in the zora, including posture vratu zoru, yaki boules were responsible for one part of the general situation of the same, they were the same, they were killed at the same time Bagoz nіzh 50 rokіv, arterial hypertension, the seizure of coronary arteries, hyperlampia that palinnya. It is not possible to pay credit to any expressions directly related to the conditions of the FDE5 or to the anatomical factors, or to the rizik factors, to the combination of all factors, and to the new factors.

Zvituvannya about pіdozryuvanі povіchnі reactions. Zvituvannya about pіdozryuvani pobichnyak reaktіі pіslya reєstratsі lіkarskogo zobobu most importantly. In this way, you can carry out monitoring without any interruption in your life with rizikas, under the language of conquering you. Lіkarіmi slіd zvіtuvati about be-yakі pіdozryuvani beat reaction vidpovіdno to vimog legislation.

Termіn pridatnostі3 rocky.

Umovi zberіgannyaZberigaty at temperatures not exceeding 30 ° C in original packaging.

Zberigaty inaccessible to children of the Missi.

Packing 1 or 4 tablets in blister, 1 blister each in cardboard packaging.

Category of prescription.

VirobnikAndanta Pharma Lіmіted.

The Ministry of Healthcare and Security Services of the United States of America and the United States of America, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow Region, Paitan, Aurangabad, 431128, India.

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